The print edition of The Roar reaches over 1700 students, faculty and parents around College Station, as well as all district personnel and our school board members. Our newspaper has consistently won both state and national level awards for our designs and story content, and is a great way for you to begin making a smart investment in advertising. Both affordable and readily available to potential new customers, our ads help you reach an essential demographic of the audience —teenagers.

We are more than willing to assist you and your business by offering discounts, service in designing ads and a number of options in ad choice. Additionally, beginning this year, we will offer online advertising opportunities. Our online edition is updated daily, and by choosing to advertise with us online, your business’s ad will be displayed on every page.

Online Ads (Color & linked image) – $25/month, $100/six months, $150/year

If you spend more than $250 in our print issues, you will receive a free online ad for a month. For more than $500, you will receive a free six-month online ad.

Click on our ad contract below to find prices and dates of publication for our print issue.

The Roar Newspaper: Ad Contract 2015-2016

If you would like to advertise with us in either print or online, please email us at:

Thank you for expressing interest in choosing to promote your business with us. We look forward to working with you and your business.