by Maya Girimaji & Drew Howerton, managing editor & senior executive editor

On Friday, Consol’s varsity football team came up against the College Park Cavaliers in the homecoming game.  Consol’s defense fended off the Cavaliers until they managed to lead the Tigers 0-3 in the second quarter. However, by halftime the Tigers caught up and tied up the game 3-3.

Early in the third quarter, a 26-yard run by junior Caden Fedora brought the score to 10-3.  An 84-yard Fedora to Devin Price touchdown pass, the second and last touchdown of the game, left the Tigers in the lead 17-3.  A safety further bolstered the Tigers’ lead 19-3. 

The Cavaliers eventually caught up to the Tigers with a field goal, leaving the game at a close 17-13 with five minutes on the clock. In the end the Tiger defense held strong to wrap the game up with a final score of 19-13. Friday’s victory brings Consol’s record up to 4-0,and they will go on to play Waco next week.

Check out a gallery of the game below: