by Kaleigh Waguespack, staff reporter

The Roar interviewed sophomore Sydney Criscitiello about her summer vacation to Europe.

Why did you and your family decide to travel to Europe, more specifically France and Italy?

My sister, Sofia, suggested that we go to Italy because we have a little bit of Italian in us and we thought it would be a cool experience to learn a little bit more about our ancestry.

What was your favorite thing that you did in Italy?

One of my favorite things that we did in Italy was go to Portovenere which is a beach city. The city was almost completely surrounded by water which was really neat, because we could get in and swim whenever we wanted to. There was also a castle there that we toured and that was really pretty.

What was your favorite thing that you did in France?

Going to the Catacombs was a great experience. It was kind of freaky because I have never seen so many bones in one place before, but the history behind them was very interesting. 

What kind of food did you eat while you were in Europe?

In Italy we had lots of gelato because it was a great way to cool off from the heat. We also had lots of pizza and pasta. In France we had burgers, fries, and baguettes which was more native to French food.

What was your favorite view from the whole trip?

My favorite view was in Italy at a city named Lucca. There were tons of towers that we climbed and the city was completely surrounded by a wall which was interesting, but really beautiful and neat.

Did you like France or Italy more?

I liked Italy more because it was cleaner than France. The history of Italy was interesting and the architecture there was absolutely beautiful.

Would you ever consider going back to Europe again?

Yes, it was such a wonderful experience. I liked Italy more than France because it was cleaner, but both places were beautiful and fun to explore.