MC2 Sarah Villegas/U.S. Navy via AP

1. President Trump reveals a new merit-based immigration reform act also know as the RAISE act. The act focuses on the way green cards will be issued by favoring those who speak English, those who are able to support themselves, and those who provide specific skills to contribute to the economy.

2. A manhunt that began on July 27 finally ended on August 4 when the two suspects finally turned themselves in at a courthouse in California. The suspects were charged with first degree murder in the stabbing of a 26 year old man in Chicago.

3. The search for three missing marines was suspended after the aircraft they were in plummeted into the Shoalwater Bay off the east coast of Australia. There were 26 people aboard the aircraft, however only 23 were rescued.

4. Early in the morning on August 5, an improvised explosion device exploded in a mosque in Minnesota. No one was harmed, but the investigations continue as to why the device was planted and who planned the attack.

5. Trump is said to have lashed out in a meeting concerning the war against Afghanistan. He threatened several times to fire General John Nicholas, commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, because he fears that we are losing the war.

6. The White House is being asked by the Pentagon to give lethal weapons to the Ukraine. Violence continues to become an issue in the Ukraine and the U.S. is “deeply concerned” for their safety.

7. Two people were killed during the “nobody kills anybody” weekend in Baltimore. The event took place in order to control the extremely high homicide rates. It lasted for 72 hours in hopes that peace would be promoted instead of violence.

8. An American Airlines flight going from Greece to Philadelphia experienced severe turbulence causing 10 passengers to be taken to the hospital. The passengers said it was so bad drinks and people were hitting the ceiling.

9. The Olympic facility in Montreal is welcoming Haitian refugees in hopes of avoiding U.S. deportation. About 100 people are now living at that refugee shelter.

10. Temperatures in Portland, Oregon have exceeded one hundred degrees, leaving the “bicycle-crazy city” to only a few bicyclers. Temperatures this high have only been recorded 23 times since 1940, however that number is rapidly growing due to the scorching hot temperatures experienced in the past week.