source: CNN

1. Nine immigrants were found dead in a tractor-trailer abandoned in a San Antonio Walmart parking lot. Two were from Guatemala and the others were from Mexico. The 29 year old driver has been arrested for the “botched human trafficking operation.”

2. Snooty the Manatee died the day after his 69th birthday. He was living in the South Florida Museum in Bradenton at the time of his death.

3. Two Jordanians are dead and another is seriously injured after a shooting at the Israeli embassy in the country’s capital, Amman. Neither the shooter nor the motive for the shooting has been found.

4. The Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK that is caring for Charlie Gard, an 11 month old child with a rare genetic disorder, has begun to receive death threats. The nurses and doctors have received these threats online and on the streets.

5. In response to North Korea’s missile launches, the US plans to test a missile defense system. Mariners are advised to stay out of specific areas of ocean between the Kodiak island and Hawaii throughout next weekend. Earlier this month, the US successfully tested the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System from Kodiak Island.

6. On August 14, 1942 a Swiss couple went missing on an Alpine glacier. Saturday, July 22, 2017 the couple was finally laid to rest. Due to climate change, dead bodies have been reappearing.

7. Stephen Simpson, a 53 year old electrician, was found dead dangling in an elevator shaft after his work shift. His co-workers reported that he needed to grab some personal belongings and he used the elevator. The elevator shut off and as Simpson tried to manually open the doors, the elevator shifted and crushed him.

8. A 58 year old Starbucks customer, Cregg Jerri, is being called a hero after stopping an attempted robbery by a man with a Transformers mask on. After hitting the man with a chair and fighting for a knife, the suspect fled but was later arrested and treated for his wounds. Cregg has also been treated for his wounds.

9. 24 year old Mireya Alejandra Lopez has been sentenced to two life terms plus 20 years for drowning her two year old twins and attempting to drown her 3 year old son. Mireya reportedly has mental issues and said she didn’t want her children to live with the same difficulties she faced.

10. Dennis Walker, 64, and Elizabeth Santos, 47, were found dead and decomposing at 9:50 am Thursday. Dennis stabbed Elisabeth, lived with the body, then took his own life. Both Dennis and Elizabeth had criminal backgrounds. All together they had 66 arrests. Santos autopsy showed that she was stabbed repeatedly, slicing her lungs, kidney, large intestines and stomach.