source: CNN

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1. At an Arizona swim hole this past weekend, nine were found dead after a flash flood and a man went missing. Fourteen people total were washed away when the flash flood hit.

2. The Senate waits for Senator John McCain to recover from a surgery for a blood clot above his left eye. This surgery postponed a planned vote on the revised Republican health care bill.

3. Pakistan’s Supreme Court has set up a team to investigate the allegations on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of financial corruption. The investigation and the allegations are fueling the public’s want for him to resign.

4. A U.S. dual national has been sentenced to 10 years in an Iranian jail. Their name has not been released but it is believed that they are being held on spying charges.

5. On Sunday, Roger Federer defeated Marin Cilic in the Wimbledon final, making him the first man in tennis history to win eight Wimbledon titles.

6. George Romero, creator of the film “Night of the Living Dead” passed away on Sunday while battling lung cancer. He was 77.

7. Disney announced the cast for the Aladdin live action film this past weekend. Naomi Scott will be playing Princess Jasmine. Will Smith will be playing the Genie. And Mena Massoud was cast as Aladdin.

8. Forty-five intact brains were discovered in a mass grave in northern Spain. It is believed that the clay soil, below-average temperatures and above-average rainfalls were factors in keeping the brains intact.

9. From July 5 to July 14, a series of murders and disappearances occurred. On July 14, two cousins were charged with homicide and several other crimes in Bucks Country, Pennsylvania.

10. A 101 year old woman set a record for a woman 100 or older in the 1oo meter dash with a time of 40.12 seconds.