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The Roar keeps you updated with local news, recent events and interesting stories ― everything you need to know for this week.

1. On Tuesday comedian Kathy Griffin posted a photo where she posed with a fake Trump dummy, decapitated and bloodied. The act was widely condemned and Griffin consequently lost her job at CNN.

2. Just past midnight on Wednesday, president Donald Trump was on Twitter and published what many would call the ‘tweet heard around the world.’ He incorrectly spelled coverage as covfefe, and social media delighted over the typo until the tweet was taken down six hours later.

3. The Museum of Modern Art unveiled designs last Thursday that depicted the plans for the museum’s $400 million expansion project. Changes include grouping artwork by theme and chronological order, as well as creating more area for various galleries.

4. On Thursday, Trump announced that the United States would be pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, which had the signatures of nearly 200 countries. The president stated that the environmental deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions placed a disproportionate burden on America and was not in the country’s best interests.

5. Friday marked the 79th celebration of National Donut Day, a tradition which began in 1938 to honor women who served the pastries to soldiers in WWI.

6. Three men drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge late Saturday night and began knifing passersby. At least six people died and officials estimate about 50 were injured. Three suspected assailants were killed on scene. 

7. Last Saturday, baseball player Albert Pujols joined only 8 other athletes in history to hit 600 career home runs. Pujols plays for the Los Angeles Angels and is the first man to have his 600th homer be a grand slam.

8. Tens of thousands of fans gathered in Manchester on Sunday to attend pop-singer Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert, a benefit event that donated all profit to Manchester’s emergency fund. The three-hour show packed with guest artists was organized in response to the terrorist attack that killed 22 and injured dozens at Grande’s concert the previous week.

9. 13-year-old Tomokazu Harimoto made his professional debut as a ping pong player this week at the World Championships, shocking fans by beating Rio’s Olympic bronze medalist 4-1. Harimoto’s competitor was 14 years his senior and one of his role models.  

10. This weekend DC’s Wonder Woman opened with $100.5 million debut, the highest for a domestic film directed by a female.