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The Roar keeps you updated with local news, recent events and interesting stories ― everything you need to know for this week.

1. Karim Cheurfi opened fire in Paris at Champs-Elysées killing one police officer.  He attacked a police bus at the heart of Paris, and was shot dead at the scene.  

2. Bill O’Reilly was fired from his job as a host at Fox News where he worked for over twenty years.  He was fired after repeated reports of sexual harassment and after advertisers removed their advertisements from his show.  

3. After months of build-up the French election took place.  Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen took the top percentages and will face each other in a runoff on May 7. The results show a collapse in support for traditional parties.  

4. Writer’s guilt members voted with 96% support for a strike as the deadline for a contract is almost here.  The guild is asking for a raise in minimums and script fees. 

5. Multiple people have died after massive protests have continued for the fourth week in Venezuela.  They are antigovernment protests that are against President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition want a date announced for elections and the release of political prisoners.  

6. Thousands of people marched in every continent at the March for Science. There were over 600 rallies across the world with a pro-science message that support scientific research and do not want the government to deny science. 

7. April 24 was holocaust remembrance day.  Thousands gathered at Auschwitz to remember the millions of jews who died in the holocaust and there was a national moment of silence in Israel.  

 8. Saturday was President Trump’s 100th day in office and he has announced plans to introduce a proposal for massive tax cuts this week.  He also hopes to push through the Republican health care plan.  

9. Arkansas is rushing to complete multiple execution before the drug midazolam expires at the end of the month.  They carried out their first election in 12 years and three more are still scheduled.  Other executions have been stopped through court rulings.  

10.The world’s oldest person, Emma Morano, died at the age of 117.  She said that her long life is due to eating raw eggs and never getting married.