Victoria Jones/PA via AP


The Roar keeps you updated with local news, recent events and interesting stories ― everything you need to know for this week.

1. On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee began considering Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination from President Trump for Supreme Court Justice. 

2. FBI director James Comey confirmed last Tuesday to the House Intelligence Committee that there was an ongoing inquiry concerning Trump aides’ ties to Russia. 

3. On Tuesday, restriction of electronic devices larger than a cellphone on flights from eight predominantly Muslim countries went into effect. 

4. Syrian rebels surprised the government early in the week by launching their largest offensive to date and claiming multiple government positions outside Damascus. 

5. London suffered its worst terrorist attack in years last Wednesday when an attacker drove through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, leaving five dead and dozens injured. The area was sent into lockdown as the attacker crashed through the Parliament gates with knives. He was shot dead by a police officer moments later. 

6. On Friday House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the vote to repeal and replace Obamacare, as House Republicans expressed concern over the alternative bill proposed by the Trump administration. 

7. On Friday, after massive backlash, director Niki Caro addressed her previous comment that there would be no songs in the upcoming live action remake of Disney’s Mulan, saying she had never ruled them out in the first place. 

8. Last Saturday One-Direction member Liam Payne announced on Instagram that his girlfriend, Cheryl Cole, had given to birth to their first son. 

9. After a five hour standoff on Saturday night, police captured the assailant responsible for shooting two and killing one on the Las Vegas strip. 

10. Over the last week, 16 teams competed in the regional bracket of the NCAA’s March Madness tournament. The Elite Eight qualifiers include Xavier, Gonzaga, Oregon, Kansas, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina.