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via Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute

by Sueji Han, staff reporter

1. On March 2nd, more than 300 developers and activists joined for the Abortion Access Hackathon for two days trying to find tech based solutions for women’s health care providers who fear the uncertain future under President Trump’s administration. 

2. On the 4th, supporters of President Donald Trump convened near Trump Tower and around the country to show their pride in his presidency; however, others held rallies in what supporters called”a seditious fringe” to try and sabotage his vision for the country.

3. On Sunday, there was a shooting of a Sikh man as the gunman approached him in the Seattle suburban driveway telling him to go back to his country. 

4. On March 5, Former U.S. Intelligence Chief James Clapper denied the interview relating with President Trump’s claims about the court-ordered wiretap of Trump Tower prior of the 2016 election. 

5. It has been decided earlier on Sunday that U.S. soccer players are requiring any national team to stand during national anthems, or any event in which the Federation is represented.

6. On March 6, North Korea fired a projectile into the water off of the East Coast after Washington and Seoul begun huge military drills that are insisted as invasion rehearsals. 

7. Dr. Thomas Starzl, the pioneer of liver transplants and the driving force behind the world’s first baboon-to-human liver transplant, died on Sunday at the age of 90. 

 8. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Germany of “Nazi practices” after preventing a Turkish minister from addressing a rally. He thinks that due to the prevention that the minister may have voted no that the are still doing Nazi practices. 

9. Three Muslim students were visiting the office of Oklahoma Representative John Bennett for an annual Muslim Day to build connections between Muslims and state elected officials, but before meeting Bennett, they filled out a two page form asking the question: “Do you beat your wife?”, causing controversy

10. After the death North Korean leader’s estranged half brother, Malaysia’s foreign minister expelled North Korea’s ambassador for criticizing the investigation and demanded an apology for killing Kim Jong Nam at Kuala Lumpur’s airport.