Student Council president Nour Hilal

by Rachel Lamb, executive editor

The Roar interviewed senior Nour Hilal, student council president, about the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance which will be on February 18.

When is Sadie? What activities are there to do at Sadie Hawkins?

Sadie is going to be Feb. 18, so that’s on a Saturday, and there is going to be dancing, prizes and then we usually have ping pong, giant Jenga, and games.

How is Sadie different from other dances?

Sadie Hawkins is different because typically girls ask guys, or  if girls aren’t comfortable doing that you can go with a group, so you don’t really have to have a date.  Its definitely more casual because you are encouraged to make group t-shirts and couples t-shirts, you are supposed to wear jeans, comfortable shoes and that t-shirt.

Why did you decide to have Sadie again this year?

Last year we didn’t have Sadie because in years past Sadie just had this aura where people would say that it wasn’t cool anymore, or they didn’t like it, or they didn’t want to ask someone. Last year we had the school vote on a new dance and black light party did win so that’s why we did it.  But people said they wanted Sadie so we decided to bring it back.

What are the steps to plan an event like Sadie?

First you need to set a date where not a lot of things are going on. And you have to plan a budget, what the decorations are going to be,  where it is going to be and that it is not conflicting with a UIL event or a basketball game.   [We] divide into different committees, for example we have  a poster making committee, we have a lights committee, an entrance committee, and you have to make sure everyone on that committee knows what they are doing and when they are coming. You also have maybe two or three shifts of set-up

What traditions are involved with Sadie? How are you working to revive the traditions?

They used to do buckets.  The girl would ask the guy and then the night of the dance they would exchange Sadie buckets where the girl would make a bucket for the guy based on his interests and what he likes.  Also, again with the group t-shirts and the couples t-shirts.  There are also prizes for best ask, best couples t-shirts, best group t-shirts. The t-shirt ones are going to be judged at the dance, and the best ask, if it is sent to the STUCO twitter, then they can win a prize.  

The week before Sadie is Be-you-tiful week.  What are the plans for that week, how can students get involved?

Be-you-tiful week is to promote self love and it’s supposed to be all inclusive for the students so throughout the week there is going to be post it notes and chalk promoting self love. There is going to be chocolate raffle, and we are going to try to hand out carnations.  But the biggest event in be-you-tiful week  has to be the heart project, the find your heart project, where we hand write a valentine for each  person in the school and the way they can get involved is to look for their friends valentines, look for theirs and it’s supposed to be a really fun school wide project.