by June Jeong and Katerina Kountakis, opinions editor & section editor 

The annual 50 Men Who Can Cook event is a fundraiser for the CSISD Education Foundation. It involves school leaders and local residents who are selected to make home-made recipes of salads, desserts, appetizers, or soups. The tickets are set at $60 each, which includes entrance into the event, participation in a raffle and all the food you can eat, including adult beverages. Attendees are given tokens to vote for their favorite within each category of food. 

We walked in and went from booth to booth, sampling different foods and engaging with the cooks. The cooks were all incredibly friendly and encouraged us to vote for them. People were carrying conversations with one another and introducing each other. Though the atmosphere is exciting, we struggled to get around because the event was fully packed. Fortunately, there was a large seating area away from the crowd to enjoy the food. Overall, the cooking event is a great place to have fun with friends or to meet new people while enjoying a variety of delicious food.