andrew harnik/AP

by Rachel Lamb, executive editor

  1. President Donald Trump attacked civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis on twitter after John Lewis questioned Trump’s presidency in a interview. John Lewis is well-respected civil rights leader who was first elected in 1977.
  2. After 146 years the Ringling Bros. circus is permanently closing. This is partly due to the fact that ticket sales fell after they phased out elephants. The closure is seen as a victory for animal rights activists.
  3. President Obama is ending the policy that allows Cubans who set foot on U.S. soil to automatically stay legally. Cuba has fought to end this policy for some time, and the policy shift is coming after the U.S. reopened relations with Cuba. Cuban immigrants can still apply for asylum. 
  4. The senate took a major step to repeal the Affordable care act, or Obamacare. By passing the new proposed they are opening the road to repealing Obamacare, an ongoing effort by republicans over the past few years. Yet some voters are concerned that they do not have a replacement plan and 20 million people could lose health care. 
  5. President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference in 6 months. He announced he is turning his business operations to a trust run by his son. Trump will not divest his interests, leaving concerns over conflict of interest.  He also faced question over ties to Russia, and refused to answer from CNN.
  6. President Barack Obama gave his farewell speech as president in Chicago. He called on unity, the importance of a peaceful transition of power and stressed his faith in the American people.
  7. President Obama surprised vice-president Joe Biden with the presidential medal of freedom with distinction in an emotional ceremony. It is the highest non-military honor a person can receive.
  8. President-elect Trump’s nominations began hearings before senate committees. Senator and nominee for attorney general Jeff Sessions began his hearing with questions over his past racist behavior.
  9. The movie hidden figures has topped the box offices two weekends in a row, bypassing movies with much larger budgets and more name recognition. The movie is about the influential roll African-American women played in the space race.
  10. President-elect Donald Trump canceled his visit to the African American history museum On Martin Luther King Day. His team said it was canceled due to “scheduling issues.”