from Brian Snyder/Reuters

from Brian Snyder/Reuters

As we finally approach the general election next Tuesday, The Roar will keep you up to date on major events in the Presidential Election that happened over the last week. This last week, Rachel and Rachel will each report on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s major campaign speeches and announcements.  Also, the election is Tuesday, don’t forget to vote. 

by Rachel Swartz, staff reporter

American University’s history professor Allan J. Lichtman has predicted the last eight US presidential races, and this year round, he stands by a Trump victory. Lichtman has based the outcomes on the 13 true/false statements from his 1996 book,“The Keys to the White House”.

Lichtman relies on the trust of his 13 “keys”: party mandate, contest, incumbency, third party, economic standpoint, policy changes, social unrest, scandal, foreign/military success/failure, incumbent charisma, and challenger charisma.

For Trump it will be a definite victory. Lichtman has also gone on to say that the nominee could go on to defy all odds.

“Donald Trump has made this the most difficult election to assess since 1984. We have never before seen a candidate like Donald Trump, and Donald Trump may well break patterns of history that have held since 1860.”

by Rachel Lamb, executive editor

With only a week left in a highly contentious presidential election Hillary’s lead has started to lessen.  After securing a large lead over the past few weeks, her lead narrowed in key swing states including Florida and Ohio.  The new polls scare many democrats, with Clinton surrogates becoming more energized to win. Obama strayed from his prepared speech urging young voters in Florida to support Clinton. And Clinton has so far been leading in early voting polls and there have been large numbers of people voting early. Also, Jay Z and maybe Beyonce are campaigning for Clinton.

The new poll results are from the end of last week, before the FBI director sent a letter to congress saying they had found new e-mails to investigate that concerned Clinton’s use of a private server.  The e-mails were found during an investigation of Anthony Weimer.  The release of the letter to congress regarding the investigation broke precedent, causing FBI director James Comey to be heavily criticized from democrats and republicans. He is being criticized for releasing incomplete information, and releasing the news so close to the election.

“If Donald Trump were to win this election, we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous,” Clinton said. Trump could “easily insult a foreign leader and start a real war instead of just a Twitter war.”