by Vi Burgess, editor-in-chief

On Friday, October 14, the Tigers again took on the Vikings at home, hoping to keep the Brazos Boot, the trophy of the Crosstown Showdown, at home. Though the Vikings took an early lead, scoring the first touchdown in the first quarter, the Tigers recovered 16 seconds later with a touchdown by senior and wide receiver Tony Williams.

The Tigers capitalized upon their lead by scoring a second touchdown midway through the second quarter, again by Tony Williams, which established the Tigers’ lead for the game. Senior and wide receiver Burl Carraway expanded¬†on that lead by scoring another touchdown at the beginning of the third quarter. However, the Vikings attempted a recovery, but only managed a second touchdown by the end of the third quarter, bringing the score to 21-14. Halfway through the third quarter, senior and wide receiver Robert Franklin scored the final touchdown of the night, resulting in a final score of 28-14 to secure the Brazos Boot for another year at Consol.

“What a great win for the Tigers. Our defense gave us a lot of opportunities to score,” Coach Brian Cope said. “We threw the ball over the top end very well, and it was a great night for everyone involved.”

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