by Maya Girimaji & Katerina Kountakis, section editors

In the Crosstown Showdown, October 7, Consol loses to CSHS for yet another year.

The Cougars led the game, making a touchdown with eight minutes left in the first quarter. But Consol’s defense held back the Cougars, allowing Senior Tony Williams to tie the game with a 21 yard touchdown in the first half.

The Tigers and Cougars each fought hard and kept the game tied 7-7 until fourth quarter, when Consol made a touchdown and led the game 14-7.

Unfortunately, CSHS caught up to Consol and continued scoring, winning the game 23-14 with an additional field goal and touchdown with mere minutes to spare.

The Tigers’ next game will be against Bryan High at home next week, Friday, October 14.