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As we finally approach the general election in November, The Roar will keep you up to date on major events in the Presidential Election that happened over the last week. Each week, Rachel and Rachel will each report on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s major campaign speeches and announcements.

by Rachel Swartz, staff reporter

On Wednesday September 21, famed ex-boxing promoter Don King introduced Donald Trump at an African-American pastor’s event, where he accidentally conveyed the n-word during his presentation.

King started to interpret the bigotry presented by democratic leaders, when the blunder unintentionally made its way out. Some individuals gasped, while a few chuckled. He continued his speech about Trump, aware of his mistake.

King also stated the the black vote is given away offhandedly, and that their rendering the vote by party, and that you’ve got to vote the right way.

“White women and black Americans don’t have rights. Those are the left-outs. Donald Trump says no, we are going back to inclusiveness.”

by Rachel Lamb, executive editor

With Trump gaining in the polls, Hillary has continued to campaign in key battleground states to hold on to her lead.  Hillary Clinton spoke out about a subject that has not been discussed much in this election process, a goal to provide more job opportunities for people with disabilities. Hillary Clinton was also praised for her reaction to the bombings in New York and New Jersey when she did not jump to conclusions, showing a contrast between her and Donald Trump.

Over the past week, Barack and Michelle Obama have begun to actively campaign for Hillary along with former president Bill Clinton. The president gave speeches throughout Pennsylvania, which focus on Hillary’s qualifications for the presidency, Donald Trump’s ignorance and calling out the media for being to easy on Trump. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton gave an interview on the “Daily Show” where he addressed numerous subjects such as the Clinton Foundation and the unconventional election.  Hillary also appeared on “Between Two Ferns,” an appearance that was thought to be an attempt to attract millennial voters.

 “I’m talking about people with disabilities, men and women, boys and girls, who have talents, skills, ideas, and dreams for themselves and their families just like anybody else. Whether they can participate in our economy and lead rich, full lives that are as healthy and productive as possible is a reflection on us as a country. And right now, in too many ways, we are falling short. We’ve got to face that and do better for everyone’s sake because this really does go to the heart of who we are as Americans. I intend this to be a vital aspect of my presidency.”